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Signature Offset is a newspaper and magazine printer with 40+ years of experience serving the publishing community, our business has thrived at a time when technical innovation has transformed the landscape of the printing industry. Our commitment to exploring new technology while maintaining superior service and quality has allowed our original small web press in Boulder, Colorado, to blossom into a state-of-the-art printing enterprise in four states (Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Mississippi). Our level of service has created a demand that will empower us to continue to grow in the years to come. In our quest for quality, we've mastered the use of computer-to-plate (CtP) and UV-cured Didde web printing. The adoption of these innovations and the leveraging of Internet technologies, as well as the expansion of our four-color printing and digital capabilities, gives us the ability to meet the constantly changing needs of our clients for years to come.



Environmental Award


Defining Sustainable PrintingWe are committed to being stewards of the environment, promoting the sustainable use of our natural resources and encouraging the use of paper products made responsibly from those resources.


As a result, we have been awarded Gold Leader status in the Environmental Leadership Program in the state of Colorado.


We are proud to be the first coldset printer to achieve this prestigious award.

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Committed to Environmental Responsibility


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Our Environmental Policy:

  • Education

    Signature Offset continues to educate our staff, suppliers and customers about our commitment to the environment and promote awareness and accountability on environmental issues. We will regularly review this policy to ensure it reflects the latest information and affords opportunities for us to exercise leadership in the development of environmental standards.

  • Fiber Sourcing, Recycling & Paper Recovery

    Signature Offset cares about our forests and the paper products made from our forests. It is our commitment – and our challenge – to promote sustainable forestry and recycling in order to meet the needs of today without compromising the ability to meet the needs of future generations.

  • Production Materials

    Signature Offset is a leader in recycling production material such as 100% aluminum printing plates and soybean oil-based inks. Aluminum can be recycled indefinitely and we are proud to say that we use only aluminum plates for printing. Because our plates are directly imaged on, there is no extra waste in films, and developing solvents. We promise to upgrade our technologies in plate production as they become available. Signature Offset uses non-VOC soybean based color inks. All of the colored ink that does not get used gets incrementally added to our black ink to ensure complete use and no waste. These inks are water soluble and friendly to the environment. Because these inks are not heat set into the paper, it makes the paper product itself easier to recycle.

  • Community Involvment.

    Signature Offset has partnered up with several other companies who provide services to the community. We believe that involvement in the community we serve helps us be more accountable for the decisions we make as a company. We can see directly how these same choices impact those around us.

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