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Signature Facts


One aluminum printing plate = 22 soda cans.


We recycled the equivalent of 5,739,900 cans.


By recycling our aluminum plates, we saved 7,028,850 gallons of gasoline.


7,028,850 gallons of gasoline is enough energy to power 2,991 homes for 10 years.



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Signature Offset 2017

It’s the plate.


Process-free plates eliminate VOC's and reduce water usage



Renewable Printing Plates.

Signature Offset uses a thermal process-less plate that has the smallest environmental footprint in the industry. The plate develops on press in minimal rotations eliminating the use of chemicals, ovens and water needed to process a traditional thermal plate.


Our printing plates are made out of the same aluminum used to make soda cans. This means that all of our plates are 100% recycled.


Along with our direct-to-plate process our imaging abilities are waste free. Because we are a direct to plate business this means that the films and the high VOC chemicals used to develop those films are now obsolete.