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It’s the paper.


Recycled, reuseable, renewable and biodegradable.

(some papers are even carbon neutral)


Sustainable Forestry.

All virgin paper fiber comes to us from sustainable forests in North America certified by third-party chain of custody organizations. This ensures that our paper comes from forests managed by people who care about maintaining the forest-eco system and long-term health of over 133 million acres.


One of our largest paper suppliers, NORPAC, is certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and FSC Standards.


Fiber Sourcing




Paper Recovery.

All of our paper waste is pre-sorted for recycling. Every paper fiber in all of our facilities that is not sent to the customer gets sorted and recycled. This means that the wrappers covering the rolls of paper to the waste paper that comes off the press to the paper cores that hold the printable paper gets recycled.


In addition we collect the return copies of many of the publications we print for recycling. These extra copies could easily be thrown into the waste stream and land-filled, but we believe it is important that we can guarantee to our publishers that these return copies are being recycled properly.


Recycled Paper.

All of our 30# newsprint contains recycled Post Consumer Waste (PCW). Where available, the PCW recycled content is as much as 100%.


All of our recycled paper is Processed Chlorine Free. The paper has not been re-bleached with chlorine containing compounds. These compounds are considered less harmful to the environment due to the reduction of environmental impacts associated with chlorine and chlorine compounds which significantly reduce a product's environmental impact.